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Dollhouse View

  • Allows you to see Virtual Spaces like never before.

  • In one glance, you can understand the scale of the space and how the house fits together.


  • Take measurements of anything in your space without having to be there!

  • Measure ceiling height, wall space, room dimensions and more. 

Media Tags

  • You can label anything with text, links, photos, videos, and more. 

  • Increase user engagement with interactive media. 

Floor Plan View

  • See a top down view to compare rooms sizes and see the flow of the layout. 

  • Add room labels to enhance and clarify the floor plan.

Highlight Reel

  • Allows you to easily move from one are to another 

  • This is useful for larger properties or harder to navigate models.  

Guided Tour

  • Take viewers on a guided tour with the push of the play button. 

  • Guided tours act as a teaser video to give an overview of the house. 

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